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Kush K - Your Humming
TXT __mrk
Only one and a half years from their astonishing debut «Lotophagi» a second album falls
from Kush K's shirt pocket, at least it feels like that, in any case there's no drum roll.
Suddenly it does its laps, «Your Humming», released in late summer 2021 via Blaublau
Records, as a small edition of single piece vinyls for the time being. This second album is
no less astonishing, in the contrary: whilst the band let their playing abilities shine through
through well sought out songwriting on their debut, the follow-up releases the anchors and
focuses on the moment, gives room to the ethereal. Kush K invented light-footed heavy
hearted pop music which is sometimes improvised, always clearly drawn from the
situation itself; a language for the human itself in this odd year. Birds chirp and synthés
jump for joy, drums and bass aware of their own elegance, an acoustic guitar, saved from
the campfire, a narrating voice owing to no one and a steady communal humming, singing,
cooking, cleaning - the polygonal love relationship as music group: this is Kush K from
Kush K humming from Zurich, but no matter - birds follow the winds, no need to go to the
local office, they play jazz now - i picked that up somewhere and repeated - you're
laughing, naturally, obviously it does sound like shit: jaaazzz, but they make music in the
midst of falling, trust is speaking is resting in silence, quiet enduring, but sharing, Kush K
haven't invented new music for the longest part, what did you do 2020, tidied up, picked
the stones from glass lemon bells and ate your fingernails like Lotus - «Long Time No See»
was your favorite song; Kush K reached their hands out to each other, slept, fought, I
needed to cry and left the room, though your face is familiar, a little ghost slid over it - so is
this jazz? Which citrus fruit exactly, what amount of bitter, sweet? (salty?) If you needed to
explain it to your father: it's about being there for each other and staying within each other,
laughing not only when you don't know any better, if you needed to explain it to your
mother: they took old hippie music and gently strangled it in the woods, now she's lying
there, the sweet corpse and Ms. Kuschel, face not impressed, draws a slow melody, rather:
a hint of an idea from a hunting horn humming humming humming

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